Gallery 1

This painting was inspired by the Korean-Traditional style of arts. I tried to emphasize the beauty of white space with heavy texture as I was designing this painting. The beauty of white space is the most important part in Korean traditional paintings. Four Noble Plants(Plum, Orchid, Chrysanthemum, and Bamboo) represent virtue and strength of scholars of East Asia, not for their beauty, but for what they symbolize: high sprit and dignity. 

Plum blossoms are the first to bloom, braving the cold before the early spring snow melts.

The Korean Orchid spreads its elegant fragrance from even the deepest reaches of mountains.

Chrysanthemums bloom in late autumn, overcoming the cold and frost.

Bamboo keeps fresh and green in the harsh winter all the others have withered under the frigid cold.

They lead by example, to never give up your virtues, your beliefs, and to withstand whatever comes at you with everything you have no matter the cost. And that is the reason why they are loved by Scholars of Korea, as they inspire to achieve even greater heights.

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