About Clara Kim





A good painting is like a best friend to me. It gives me comfort, energy, happiness and keeps me company. I find myself constantly painting in my mind, even if there isn’t a painting knife in my hand.
I was born in South Korea and took inspiration from both Canadian and Korean cultures. I utilize the concept of “The Beauty of White Space”.  In traditional Korean art, white space acts as a blank canvas to the people, allowing them opportunities for imagination, while the simplicity of the background draws attention to the highlight of the piece.  
My art aims to combine the simple background and strong expression to display luxury in simplicity, passion hidden in calmness and beauty within sorrow. I am emphasizing the thick-texture technique as it captures and transforms a brawny body of work while leaving simple backgrounds such as clouds, the air, or the plain white space.
When planning out my pieces, I never see the certain shape of trees before I paint. I draw random lines on blank sheet of canvas at first, then I stare at those lines to see what I feel from it. From here I lose myself to the enjoyable process of creating unexpected branches. This is very challenging, yet fun. My subject matter is emotion, hope and drama; I try to convey these sentiments in my paintings in the form of dancing trees, flirting trees, and isolation within the woods.
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