Clara Kim is an artist located in Ottawa, Ontario. Clara was born and raised in South Korea. I paint with a knife rather than a brush, drawing heavily from the oriental style, but expressing with a western style, creating a unique style unlike any other.

Ottawa Life Magazine – Cover Story – Fall 2023

It is such an honour to be on the cover of Ottawa Life Magazine as the representative for the Women of Consequence feature story. OLM interviewed several women of consequence in Canada who defined success on their own terms, including a member of parliament and a billionaire business woman. This issue of the magazine will be displayed at Chapters, Shoppers Drug Mart and other retails shops in December 2023.

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Luxe Magazine – Spring | Summer 2023

Luxe Magazine Cover - Spring Summer 2023

Clara has been keeping very busy over the past year, with the highlight being featured in an article written in Luxe Magazine about Clara and her wonderful artist talent. Editor Julie Beun met with Clara and interviewed her to learn about her with artistic style, her childhood experiences and how it shaped and influenced her life and art style. My fingers are flying across the keyboard on my laptop as fast as they can go — 80 words a minute? — but Clara Kim outpaces me.” Julie Beun, Luxe Magazine editor Link to Ottawa Luxe Magazine article To see the…

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Government of Ontario Art Collection 2021

I am very honoured to be part of the Government of Ontario 2021 Art Collection. In regards to the painting: People often think that frogs are vulnerable, and roosters love dining on frogs. Therefore, I gave the frog a red color to turn it into a poisonous frog, a fact the bird is aware well of. At first glance, it may appear the rooster is readying to step on the frog. But the ironic truth of the situation is that the rooster is the one who is afraid, not the frog. This simple image serves as a reflection of our…

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